About EcoSciGen

Eco Science Generation Initiative (EcoSciGen) is a network of African youths that are empowered to embrace research in climate science and education to drive climate action. Through our impactful training, research support, and a platform for young leaders, we envision a sustainable future where the youth are at the forefront of climate innovation and environmental excellence.

We are Passionate About

Climate Education

We are passionate about providing young Africans climate education tailored to their reality.

Climate Research

We are passionate about collaboratively advancing scientific knowledge on climate change in Africa to pave the way for climate innovations.

Climate Leadership

We are passionate about creating a community of climate actors that are well informed to lead and advocate for a climate resilient world.

Our Programs

EcoSciGen Climate Research Workshop

To equip, empower, and train young people in Nigeria to become climate innovators. 

Youth Climate Symposium and Exhibition

The climate symposium and exhibition is an event that is focused on promoting climate innovations that are economically applicable to the Nigerian context.

inoClimate School Program

The inoClimate Project is designed to educate secondary school students and equip them to become active climate actors. 

Sustainable development dialogue series

“Achieving the SDG by 2030: How close or farther are we?” This dialogue serves as a critical checkpoint in our checkpoint in our collective journey towards a more sustainable and equitable future. 

Our Community

We boast a thriving community of enthusiastic young volunteers who share our vision- To build a generation of African youth leading the way in climate innovation and excellence. Join us in celebrating the strength and unity that define our shared pursuit of a more sustainable world.  Welcome to the core of our community, where every individual’s voice counts, and every endeavour adds value to the common goal.

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