EcoSciGen Launches the Climate Communication Workshop

We are thrilled to announce the commencement of the Climate Communication Workshop, a pioneering program. This program aims to empower young people with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively communicate climate change to diverse stakeholders from different realities. 

It has become imperative that as we continue to mobilize action to create meaningful change and spread more awareness about climate change, we have climate actors who can effectively simplify the climate science processes for different people from diverse realities. Through the workshop, we will bridge the knowledge gap in the climate landscape by empowering young people to be knowledgeable and influential voices in tackling Africa’s climate crisis. 

Climate change poses a significant challenge to Nigeria. With rising temperatures and changing precipitation patterns, Nigeria is experiencing more frequent and severe weather-related events. According to a research report by Africa Talks Climate Initiative, a lack of proper understanding of the science of climate change impedes the rate at which people can take action in Nigeria.

“We need more young people that are knowledgeable, have facts and statistics on climate change and are able to communicate climate change to different people in the most confident way possible.” – Jumoke Omodeni, Founder, EcoSciGen

The program will include a one day onsite learning workshop to provide young Nigerians with vast knowledge and the confidence they need to communicate climate to various stakeholders, including but not limited to children from underserved communities, school children, women, politicians, civil servants, entrepreneurs, teachers, and elderly people. 

The first edition of the workshop will take place in Ibadan Oyo and Lagos state, Nigeria, 8th and 22nd June respectively. Venue will be communicated to selected participants. Limited spots available. To be considered for this prestigious opportunity, applicants must show a strong interest in advocating for climate action, passionate about climate education, and a desire to impact their communities positively. 

The application deadline is May 30th, 2024

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